My name is Claire Hultin and I am a journalism major at San Jose State University. I am from Westlake Village, California, a suburb just outside of Los Angeles and about ten minutes from Malibu. I am on the swim and dive team here at SJSU and have been swimming for about eight years. Swimming at the collegiate level is nothing like I have done ever before and being a student athlete has been so far been the best and most time consuming commitment of my life. I have been swimming for about 8 years now. While neither of my parents swam, my sister swam her whole life and became an NCAA Division 1 athlete at the University of Arizona and was a student-athlete there for four years. She is the reason why I began swimming and why I am now also an NCAA Division 1 athlete here at San Jose State.

This blog is essentially a survival guide as well as insight to the life of an NCAA student athlete. Whether you, yourself are a student athlete or are just interested in learning about life as a student athlete, this blog will be eye opening.