Things We Can Learn From Being A Student-Athlete

As I’ve said before, I’ve only been a collegiate student athlete for a year and a half now, but I have already learned so much. Here are some things that you can take with you beyond your four years of college: 

  1. Discipline. In being a student athlete, it requires you to be very disciplined and able to focus on the goals ahead of you and not lose track of what you’re striving for, whether it be the field/pool/court/track or the classroom.
  2. Time management. Being a student athlete is more time consuming than you could ever imagine. With such a routine-oriented life, student athletes must work in time for important things, so time management is a skill that they will take with them in life.
  3. Work ethic and ability to work with others. Our bad ass-ness will show in the working world if we display our incredible work ethic. Very few people in the world can say that they had the opportunity to play a sport in college, so use that work ethic and team-player mentality and show the working world how bad ass you are.
  4. Gratitude. Something many student athletes feel is a sense of gratitude. Sometimes we need a slap in the face, but most of the time we know and are so appreciative of this opportunity that will not last forever, but the lessons we learn will, so we must take those lessons and carry them with us forever to show our appreciation for the people who gave us this amazing opportunity.

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