Mobility is another essential for being a successful student-athlete. Mobilization is a part of recovery, but also is something that student athletes need to do every day. 

Athletes that mobilize frequently are much more successful and have much better body awareness. Mobility helps with strengthening your muscles and getting rid of the lactic acid left over from working out without stretching. It allows your muscles to move with a free range of motion.

There are many different ways to mobilize. Simply rolling out on a foam roller or using a tennis ball/lacrosse ball to work on sticky spots in your shoulder or legs will help. Super Nova balls are very helpful and so are Corgeous balls. Super Nova balls are essentially foam rollers shaped into a ball, that smash your sore muscles to help relieve the tension. Corgeous balls are a bit softer and they help to relieve some of the sore muscles as well. You usually place these on your hip flexers. This might be uncomfortable, but rtrust me, your body will thank you after, so next time your coach says to stretch and mobilize, do it!


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