Mental Toughness

NCAA student athlete life is not for everyone. It is mentally tolling and stressful at times, but mental toughness can be worked on. 

Some steps to become mentally tough when practice gets hard and you begin to feel sorry for yourself are:

1). Self-motivation. Motivate yourself. Tell yourself little words of encouragement before every practice, competition or lift.

2). Set high (but realistic) goals. Set goals that will be difficult to achieve. Dreaming big and focussing on goals is part of becoming mentally tough.

3). Manage emotions and handle anxiety.

4). Concentrate; if you are concentrated and focussed on your goals you can achieve success.

5). Work well with others. As an NCAA athlete, you need to be able to be a team player and support and respect your teammates. If you all respect each other, you can be mentally tough and kick ass together.

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