Nutrition is one of the most important factors of being a successful athlete and a healthy person in general. Nutrition is a foundation and an important tool that controls how our body functions.

An athlete’s diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy carbs & fats. Many athletes think that once they start working out they can eat whatever they want and it will not count, but this is not the truth. In fact, in order to exercise well and effectively, athletes need to be even more careful with what they put into their body.

Fruits and vegetables are very important for athletes and their success. Proteins are also very important; chicken, beef and most meats apply in this category. Eggs are very helpful in this category. Most athletes should stay away from a lot of carbs and sugar, but some carbs like potatoes and rice are good contributors in nutrition. Some healthy fats are avocados, almond butter and bacon.

With all of these good foods, performance in athletics will be enhanced greatly. Our body is a temple and we need to respect it and fill it with foods that will make it easier for us to kick ass in whatever sport we are in.



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